Talent Concept
    With over 10 years of development, Huasing has attracted a group of ambitious, passionate and creative talents. Our excellent 200+ employees are the greatest assets. We care about the health of our employees, respect their rights and interests, build harmonious employee relations, and provide them with a development platform to fulfill their occupational expectations.  
    Talent strategy is the most important strategy for Huasing. We adhere to the principle: high quality, high responsibility, high contribution and high remuneration. We uphold a talent ideology of career attracting talents, culture shaping talents, mechanism encouraging talents and development retaining talents. 
    Regardless of employees’ positions in the company, we assume that the ability and potential of employees demonstrated at work is a fairer evaluation criterion than their academic backgrounds, and we insist that promoting managers to encourage the creativity of subordinates and recommend excellent talents is a decisive business strategy.
    In short, we fully respect, understand, and care about our employees. We will continuously encourage their creativity and stimulate them to develop with the company.
     For Employees: Make the interests of employees and the company's long-term development form a development community with the cultural elements. In life, People Oriented, to create a warm, home-away-from-home feeling. At work, promote unity, competition, cooperation; focus on establish and improve the professional Ethics, create a good interpersonal relationships and spiritual incentive environments.
     For Society: Huasing is committed to the promotion the development all over the world. Together with our customers and developing regions, build the success today and creating the future.