• 5.5V Plastic Shell Module Ultracapacitors

5.5V Plastic Shell Module Ultracapacitors

  • Series: SRH
  • Working Voltage Range: 5.5VDC
  • Capacitance Range: 0.47F~3.5F
  • Working Temperature: -25~+70°C
  • Load Life: 500,000 cycles at 25°C
  • Application: Consumer electronic, Portable power tools, DC-DC converters

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■ Product's Introduction

5.5V Radial Leads Ultracapacitors/Supercapacitor 5.5V electrical double-layer capacitor, Plastic Shell Module Filled Expoxy 2 series modules

High energy density, High power
Long cyclelife

● Hybrid battery packs
● Pulse power
● Bridge or hold-up power
● Valve and solenoid actuation

■ Specification
 Part number
5.5V 0.47F 18x9x16 300 600 0.38 0.99 0.002 1065 0.0020 0.30 SRH05R5S0R47DASA0
5.5V 0.47F 18x9x16 300 600 0.38 0.99 0.006 1065 0.0020 0.30 SRH05R5S0R47DASB0
5.5V 1F 18x9x20 250 500 0.49 1.73 0.006 1183 0.0042 0.70 SRH05R5S0001DASA0
5.5V 1F 18x9x20 250 500 0.49 1.73 0.010 1183 0.0042 0.70 SRH05R5S0001DASB0
5.5V 1.5F 18x9x24 200 400 0.56 2.40 0.010 1402 0.0063 1.00 SRH05R5S01R5DASA0
5.5V 1.5F 18x9x24 200 400 0.56 2.40 0.015 1402 0.0063 1.00 SRH05R5S01R5DASB0
5.5V 2.5F 23x11x25 180 360 0.79 3.65 0.020 1097 0.0105 1.10 SRH05R5S02R5DASA0
5.5V 2.5F 23x11x25 180 360 0.79 3.65 0.025 1097 0.0105 1.10 SRH05R5S02R5DASB0
5.5V 3.5F 23x11x30 160 320 0.93 4.61 0.023 1127 0.0147 1.50 SRH05R5S03R5DASA0
5.5V 3.5F 23x11x30 160 320 0.93 4.61 0.028 1127 0.0147 1.50 SRH05R5S03R5DASB0

Datasheet(PDF) of 5.5V Radial Leads Supercapacitor, please contact us.

■ How To Order
Send us the Part Number, for example, SRH2R7M506RS1840.

Handling Precautions and Guidelines:

For safety application, please contact us directly for any technical specifications, handling precautions and guidelines critical to application.
1.1 Precautions
(1) Prohibition of disassembly
    The disassembling may generate internal short circuit in the cell, which may cause gassing, leakage, explosion, or other problems.
    Electrolyte is harmful: In case the electrolyte come into contact with the skin, or eyes, physicians shall flush the electrolyte immediately with fresh  
    water and medical advice is to be sought. 
(2) Prohibition of dumping of cells into fire
      These may cause explosion of the cells, which is very dangerous and is prohibited.
(3) Prohibition of cells immersion into liquid
     The cells shall never be soaked with liquids such as water, seawater, drinks such as juices, coffee or others.
(4) Prohibition of use of damaged cells
      The cells might be damaged during shipping by shock. If any abnormal features of the cells are found such as damages in the cell package,      smelling of an electrolyte, an electrolyte leakage and others, the cells shall never be used any more.
       The Cells with a smell of the electrolyte or a leakage shall be placed away from fire to avoid firing or explosion

1.2 Handling Guidelines
(1) It is not suitable that cell is used under such conditions: AC circuit and wave filtering.
(2) Work voltage of cell should not exceed Max. work voltage of cell during using. Otherwise, will shorten shelf life,even cause swelling, leakage or crack.
(3) Please check the polarity before using. If working under reverse polarity, cell will not only shorten shelf life, but also heavy damage, such as swelling, electrolyte leakage etc.
(4) Environment
Work temperature will have an influence on shelf life of cell. As usual, higher work temperature will shorten shelf life. So, it is better that cell works under as possible as low environmental temperature.Work temperature of cell should consider internal work temperature in the unit and temperature rise when cellworks.
(5) IR drop
When main power sources shut down, cell will change into work mode from failure mode, at the same time, OCV will decrease due to IR drop. So please choose proper product type according to impedance specified in product datasheet and applied current.
(6) Cells in series connection
When cells in series connection for higher work voltage, it should be assured that work voltage of any single cell must not exceed Max. work voltage of single cell, otherwise, will shorten shelf life, even cause swelling, leakage or crack.
(7) Soldering
Heat shock will decrease electric performance of cell, even cause swelling, leakage or crack. Soldering temperature should not exceed 230℃, soldering time should not exceed 5s.
(8) Please don’t use reflow soldering of infrared heating and air heating.

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