• CD26L Radial Lead Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

CD26L Radial Lead Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

  • Series: CD26L XL
  • Working Voltage Range: 200V~500Vdc
  • Capacitance Range: 18uF~220uF
  • Working Temperature: -25~+105°C
  • Load Life: 2000hours @ 105°C
  • Application: Gerneral Purpose

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■ Product's Introduction

CD26L XL Radial Leads Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Slim Type

High ripple current
General Purpose

■ Specification
  Specification  Size
  Part Number     Specification  Size
  Part Number
 200V 82UF  10x30  ECR2DX1820M**100030  420V 39UF  12.5x30  ECR2XX1390M**125030
 200V 100UF  10x36  ECR2DX1101M**100036  420V 47UF  12.5x36  ECR2XX1470M**125036
 200V 120UF  10x40  ECR2DX1121M**100040  420V 47UF  10x50  ECR2XX1470M**100050
 200V 150UF  12.5x30  ECR2DX1151M**125030  420V 56UF  12.5x40  ECR2XX1560M**125040
 200V 180UF  12.5x36  ECR2DX1181M**125036  420V 68UF  12.5x42  ECR2XX1680M**125042
 200V 220UF  12.5x42  ECR2DX1221M**125042  420V 82UF  12.5x50  ECR2XX1820M**125050
 250V 47UF  8x50  ECR2EX1470M**080050  450V 18UF  8x50  ECR2WX1180M**080050
 250V 68UF  10x33  ECR2EX1680M**100033  450V 21UF  8x50  ECR2WX1210M**080050
 250V 82UF  10x40  ECR2EX1820M**100040  450V 27UF  10x40  ECR2WX1270M**100040
 250V 100UF  10x50  ECR2EX1101M**100050  450V 33UF  12.5x30  ECR2WX1330M**125030
 250V 120UF  12.5x36  ECR2EX1121M**125036  450V 39UF  12.5x36  ECR2WX1390M**125036
 250V 120UF  10x60  ECR2EX1121M**100060  450V 39UF  10x50  ECR2WX1390M**100050
 250V 150UF  12.5x42  ECR2EX1151M**125042  450V 47UF  12.5x40  ECR2WX1470M**125040
 400V 27UF  10x30  ECR2GX1270M**100030  450V 47UF  10x50  ECR2WX1470M**100050
 400V 33UF  10x36  ECR2GX1330M**100036  450V 53UF  10x50  ECR2WX1530M**100050
 400V 39UF  10x40  ECR2GX1390M**100040  450V 56UF  12.5x50  ECR2WX1560M**125050
 400V 47UF  12.5x30  ECR2GX1470M**125030  450V 56UF  10x60  ECR2WX1560M**100060
 400V 47UF  10x50  ECR2GX1470M**100050  450V 60UF  10x60  ECR2WX1600M**100060
 400V 56UF  12.5x36  ECR2GX1560M**125036  450V 68UF  12.5x50  ECR2WX1680M**125050
 400V 68UF  12.5x45  ECR2GX1680M**125045  450V 82UF  12.5x50  ECR2WX1820M**125050
 400V 82UF  12.5x50  ECR2GX1820M**125050  450V 100UF  12.5x61  ECR2WX1101M**125061
 400V 100UF  12.5x50  ECR2GX1101M**125050  500V 47UF  12.5x50  ECR2WX1470M**125050
 420V 22UF  10x30  ECR2XX1220M**100030  500V 53UF  12.5x61  ECR2WX1530M**125061
 420V 27UF  10x36  ECR2XX1270M**100036  500V 56UF  12.5x61  ECR2WX1560M**125061
 420V 33UF  10x40  ECR2XX1330M**100040      

Datasheet(PDF) of CD26L XL Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Please Contact us.

■ How To Order
Send us the Part Number, for example, ECR2XX1330M**100040.

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