• 175C High Temperature Mica Paper Capacitors

175C High Temperature Mica Paper Capacitors

  • Series: HT21
  • Working Voltage Range: 630V~20000V
  • Capacitance Range: 100pF~2.2uF
  • Working Temperature: -55°C~175°C, up to +200°C
  • Load Life: 10 years

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■ Product's Introduction

High Temperature High Voltage Mica Paper Capacitors 175C RECONSTITUTED MICA AND COMPOSITE CAPACITORS
Our HT21 Series of capacitors are rated to 200°C and are designed to operate in more severe applications. These high temp capacitors have been designed around the same materials, processes and quality standards that have made our name synonymous with the terms; quality, reliability and high-performance. Offered in a variety of capacitances up to 3.0μf and having voltage ratings to 5kVDC for filter caps and 1kVAC for motor start caps, these capacitors are “Wrap & Fill” packaged and have solid nickel leads that can be easily formed for installation.Each capacitor section is constructed using a minimum of two layers of the finest capacitor grade mica paper. Windings are polyester impregnated and packaged to yield a very consistent, physically durable and corona resistant finished product.These are the finest high temperature mica capacitors available.

HT21 series is an excellent choice for high temperature applications requiring rock solid reliability at an affordable price. inculded:
Oil and gas exploration
Detonation device
Motor start ups
Filter & multipliers
Jet ignition

■ Specification

Some specification as following:
Specification   Specification
630V 22000pF/22nF/0.022uF 5000V 6800pF/6.8nF/0.0068uF
630V 33000pF/33nF/0.033uF 5000V 10000pF/10nF/0.01uF
630V 47000pF/47nF/0.047uF 5000V 15000pF/15nF/0.015uF
630V 68000pF/68nF/0.068uF 5000V 22000pF/22nF/0.022uF
630V 100000pF/100nF/0.1uF 5000V 33000pF/33nF/0.033uF
630V 150000pF/150nF/0.15uF 5000V 47000pF/47nF/0.047uF
630V 220000pF/220nF/0.22uF 5000V 68000pF/68nF/0.068uF
630V 330000pF/330nF/0.33uF 5000V 100nF/0.1uF
630V 470000pF/470nF/0.47uF 5000V 150nF/0.15uF
630V 680000pF/680nF/0.68uF 5000V 220nF/0.22uF
630V 1000nF/1uF 5000V 330nF/0.33uF
630V 1500nF/1.5uF 5000V 470nF/0.47uF
1000V 4700pF/4.7nF/0.0047uF 5000V 680nF/0.68uF
1000V 6800pF/6.8nF/0.0068uF 7500V 680pF/0.68nF/0.00068uF
1000V 10000pF/10nF/0.01uF 7500V 1000pF/1nF/0.001uF
1000V 15000pF/15nF/0.015uF 7500V 1500pF/1.5nF/0.0015uF
1000V 22000pF/22nF/0.022uF 7500V 2200pF/2.2nF/0.0022uF
1000V 33000pF/33nF/0.033uF 7500V 3300pF/3.3nF/0.0033uF
1000V 47000pF/47nF/0.047uF 7500V 4700pF/4.7nF/0.0047uF
1000V 68000pF/68nF/0.068uF 7500V 6800pF/6.8nF/0.0068uF
1000V 100nF/0.1uF 7500V 10000pF/10nF/0.01uF
1000V 150nF/0.15uF 7500V 15000pF/15nF/0.015uF
1000V 220nF/0.22uF 7500V 22000pF/22nF/0.022uF
1000V 330nF/0.33uF 7500V 33000pF/33nF/0.033uF
1000V 470nF/0.47uF 7500V 47000pF/47nF/0.047uF
1000V 680nF/0.68uF 7500V 68000pF/68nF/0.068uF
1000V 1000nF/1uF 7500V 100000pF/100nF/0.1uF
1000V 1500nF/1.5uF 7500V 150000pF/150nF/0.15uF
1000V 2200nF/2.2uF 7500V 220000pF/220nF/0.22uF
1500V 3300pF/3.3nF/0.0033uF 7500V 330000pF/330nF/0.33uF
1500V 4700pF/4.7nF/0.0047uF 10000V 330pF/0.33nF/0.00033uF
1500V 6800pF/6.8nF/0.0068uF 10000V 470pF/0.47nF/0.00047uF
1500V 10000pF/10nF/0.01uF 10000V 680pF/0.68nF/0.00068uF
1500V 15000pF/15nF/0.015uF 10000V 1000pF/1nF/0.001uF
1500V 22000pF/22nF/0.022uF 10000V 1500pF/1.5nF/0.0015uF
1500V 33000pF/33nF/0.033uF 10000V 2200pF/2.2nF/0.0022uF
1500V 47000pF/47nF/0.047uF 10000V 3300pF/3.3nF/0.0033uF
1500V 68000pF/68nF/0.068uF 10000V 4700pF/4.7nF/0.0047uF
1500V pF/100nF/0.1uF 10000V 6800pF/6.8nF/0.0068uF
1500V pF/150nF/0.15uF 10000V 10000pF/10nF/0.01uF
1500V pF/220nF/0.22uF 10000V 15000pF/15nF/0.015uF
1500V pF/330nF/0.33uF 10000V 22000pF/22nF/0.022uF
1500V pF/470nF/0.47uF 10000V 33000pF/33nF/0.033uF
1500V pF/680nF/0.68uF 10000V 47000pF/47nF/0.047uF
1500V pF/1000nF/1uF 10000V 68000pF/68nF/0.068uF
1500V pF/1500nF/1.5uF 10000V 100nF/0.1uF
1500V pF/2200nF/2.2uF 10000V 150nF/0.15uF
2500V 2200pF/2.2nF/0.0022uF 12500V 680pF/0.68nF/0.0068uF
2500V 3300pF/3.3nF/0.0033uF 12500V 1000pF/1nF/0.01uF
2500V 4700pF/4.7nF/0.0047uF 12500V 1500pF/1.5nF/0.015uF
2500V 6800pF/6.8nF/0.0068uF 12500V 2200pF/2.2nF/0.022uF
2500V 10000pF/10nF/0.01uF 12500V 3300pF/3.3nF/0.033uF
2500V 15000pF/15nF/0.015uF 12500V 4700pF/4.7nF/0.047uF
2500V 22000pF/22nF/0.022uF 12500V 6800pF/6.8nF/0.068uF
2500V 33000pF/33nF/0.033uF 12500V 10000pF/10nF/0.1uF
2500V 47000pF/47nF/0.047uF 12500V 15000pF/15nF/0.15uF
2500V 68000pF/68nF/0.068uF 12500V 22000pF/22nF/0.22uF
2500V 100nF/0.1uF 12500V 33000pF/33nF/0.33uF
2500V 150nF/0.15uF 12500V 47000pF/47nF/0.47uF
2500V 220nF/0.22uF 12500V 68000pF/68nF/0.68uF
2500V 330nF/0.33uF 12500V 100nF/0.1uF
2500V 470nF/0.47uF 15000V 470pF/0.47nF/0.00047uF
2500V 680nF/0.68uF 15000V 680pF/0.68nF/0.00068uF
2500V 1000nF/1uF 15000V 1000pF/1nF/0.001uF
2500V 1500nF/1.5uF 15000V 1500pF/1.5nF/0.0015uF
3500V 1000pF/1nF/0.001uF 15000V 2200pF/2.2nF/0.0022uF
3500V 1800pF/1.8nF/0.0018uF 15000V 3300pF/3.3nF/0.0033uF
3500V 2200pF/2.2nF/0.0022uF 15000V 4700pF/4.7nF/0.0047uF
3500V 3300pF/3.3nF/0.0033uF 15000V 6800pF/6.8nF/0.0068uF
3500V 4700pF/4.7nF/0.0047uF 15000V 10000pF/10nF/0.01uF
3500V 6800pF/6.8nF/0.0068uF 15000V 15000pF/15nF/0.015uF
3500V 10000pF/10nF/0.01uF 15000V 22000pF/22nF/0.022uF
3500V 18000pF/18nF/0.018uF 15000V 33000pF/33nF/0.033uF
3500V 22000pF/22nF/0.022uF 15000V 47000pF/47nF/0.047uF
3500V 33000pF/33nF/0.033uF 15000V 68000pF/68nF/0.068uF
3500V 47000pF/47nF/0.047uF 20000V 100pF/0.1nF/0.0001uF
3500V 68000pF/68nF/0.068uF 20000V 150pF/0.15nF/0.00015uF
3500V 100nF/0.1uF 20000V 220pF/0.22nF/0.00022uF
3500V 150nF/0.15uF 20000V 330pF/0.33nF/0.00033uF
3500V 220nF/0.22uF 20000V 470pF/0.47nF/0.00047uF
3500V 330nF/0.33uF 20000V 680pF/0.68nF/0.00068uF
3500V 470nF/0.47uF 20000V 1000pF/1nF/0.001uF
3500V 1000nF/1uF 20000V 1500pF/1.5nF/0.0015uF
3500V 1500nF/1.5uF 20000V 2200pF/2.2nF/0.0022uF
5000V 470pF/0.47nF/0.00047uF 20000V 3300pF/3.3nF/0.0033uF
5000V 680pF/0.68nF/0.00068uF 20000V 4700pF/4.7nF/0.0047uF
5000V 1000pF/1nF/0.001uF 20000V 6800pF/6.8nF/0.0068uF
5000V 1500pF/1.5nF/0.0015uF 20000V 10000pF/10nF/0.01uF
5000V 2200pF/2.2nF/0.0022uF 20000V 15000pF/15nF/0.015uF
5000V 3300pF/3.3nF/0.0033uF 20000V 22000pF/22nF/0.022uF
5000V 4700pF/4.7nF/0.0047uF 20000V 33000pF/33nF/0.033uF

This Series capacitors is an excellent choice for high temperature applications requiring rock solid reliability at an affordable price.

Applications include:

• Oil & Gas Exploration
• Detonation Devices
• Motor Start Ups
• Filters & Multipliers
• Jet Ignition

We can custom made the following specification:

1) Rated voltage, Capacitance:
2000VDC - 0.001uF, 0.005uF, 0.01uF, 0.05uF, 0.1uF, 0.47uF, 0.25uF, 0.5uF, 1uF, 2uF, 3uF.
3000VDC - 0.001uF, 0.005uF, 0.01uF, 0.05uF, 0.1uF, 0.47uF, 0.25uF,0.5uF, 1uF, 2uF, 3uF.
4000VDC - 0.001uF, 0.005uF, 0.01uF, 0.05uF, 0.1uF, 0.47uF, 0.25uF, 0.5uF, 1uF, 2uF, 3uF.
5000VDC - 0.001uF, 0.005uF, 0.01uF, 0.05uF, 0.1uF, 0.47uF, 0.25uF,0.5uF, 1uF, 2uF, 3uF.

2) Rated voltage, Capacitance:
600VAC - 0.47uF, 0.5uF, 1uF, 2uF, 3uF.
800VAC - 0.47uF, 0.5uF, 1uF, 2uF, 3uF.
1000VAC - 0.47uF, 0.5uF, 1uF, 2uF, 3uF.

Replacement of Exxelia Reconstituted Mica Composite reconstituted mica capacitors HT78,HT78P, HT86, HT86P, HT97, HT97P, Teflon® dielectrics with metal film-foil are selected for their excellent properties, or their power dissipation factor and insulating strength at high temperatures that can exceed 200°C. Furthermore, this film is self-healing when metallized. For “stopping sampler” applications, Teflon dielectric with metal foils will be used, as this is the only dielectric to feature such low dielectric absorption.

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