• Radial Leaded Dipped Mica Capacitor
  • Radial Leaded Dipped Mica Capacitor

Radial Leaded Dipped Mica Capacitor

  • Series: RMC/AMC
  • Working Voltage Range: 100V~2500Vdc
  • Capacitance Range: 1pF - 91000pF
  • Working Temperature: -55~+100°C
  • Load Life: -
  • Application: First choice for timing and close tolerance applications

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■ Product's Introduction

Silver Radial Leaded Dipped Mica Capacitor

Small size, Install easy.
Capacitance Tolerance: ±1%, ±2%, ±3%, ±5%
Insulation Resistance: 10000MΩ
Operating temperature range - 55°C to +100°C

Timing and close tolerance applications
High frequency oscillation circuit

■ Specification
 Specification  Our P/N  CDE P/N    Specification  Our P/N  CDE P/N
 100V 330pF  RMC331J101  CD10FA331JO3F  500V 47000pF  RMC473J501  CD42FD473JO3F
 100V 390pF  RMC391J101  CD10FA391JO3F  1000V 5pF  RMC050J102  CDV19CF050DO3F
 100V 1000pF  RMC102J101  D101F102JO3F  1000V 7pF  RMC070J102  CDV19CF070DO3F
 100V 1000pF  RMC102J101  CD15FA102JO3F  1000V 10pF  RMC100J102  CDV19CF1OOJO3F
 100V 1200pF  RMC122J101  D101Fl22JO3F  1000V 12pF  RMC120J102  CDV19CF120JO3F
 100V 1200pF  RMC122J101  CD15FA122JO3F  1000V 15pF  RMC150J102  CDV19CF150JO3F
 100V 1500pF  RMC152J101  D101F152JO3F  1000V 18pF  RMC180J102  CDV19CF180JO3F
 100V 1500pF  RMC152J101  CD15FA152JO3F  1000V 22pF  RMC020J102  CDV19EF220JO3F
 100V 8200pF  RMC822J101  CD19FA822JO3F  1000V 27pF  RMC270J102  CDV19EF270JO3F
 100V 10000pF  RMC103J101  CD19FA103JO3F  1000V 33pF  RMC330J102  CDV19EF330JO3F
 100V 33000pF  RMC333J101  CD30FA333JO3F  1000V 39pF  RMC390J102  CDV19EF390JO3F
 100V 82000pF  RMC823J101  CD42FA823JO3F  1000V 47pF  RMC470J102  CDV19EF470JO3F
 100V 91000pF  RMC913J101  CD42FA913JO3F  1000V 56pF  RMC560J102  CDV19EF560JO3F
 300V 270pF  RMC271J301  CD10FC271JO3F  1000V 68pF  RMC680J102  CDV19EF680JO3F
 300V 560pF  RMC561J301  D103F561JO3F  1000V 82pF  RMC820J102  CDV19EF820JO3F
 300V 560pF  RMC561J301  CD15FC561JO3F  1000V 100pF  RMC101J102  CDV19FF1O1JO3F
 300V 680pF  RMC681J301  D103F681JO3F  1000V 120pF  RMC121J102  CDV19FF121JO3F
 300V 680pF  RMC681J301  CD15FC681JO3F  1000V 150pF  RMC151J102  CDV19FF151JO3F
 300V 820pF  RMC821J301  D103F821JO3F  1000V 180pF  RMC181J102  CDV19FF181JO3F
 300V 820pF  RMC821J301  CD15FC821JO3F  1000V 220pF  RMC221J102  CDV19FF221JO3F
 300V 5600pF  RMC562J301  CD19FC562JO3F  1000V 270pF  RMC271J102  CDV19FF271JO3F
 300V 6800pF  RMC682J301  CD19FC682JO3F  1000V 390pF  RMC391J102  CDV19FF391JO3F
 300V 68000pF  RMC683J301  CD42FC683JO3F  1000V 560pF  RMC561J102  CDV19FF561JO3F
 500V 1pF  RMC010J501  CD10CDO10DO3F  1000V 680pF  RMC681J102  CDV19FF681JO3F
 500V 1pF  RMC010J501  CD15CDO10DO3F  1000V 820pF  RMC821J102  CDV19FF821JO3F
 500V 2pF  RMC020J501  CD1OCDO20DO3F  1000V 1000pF  RMC102J102  CDV19FF102JO3F
 500V 2pF  RMC020J501  CD15CDO20DO3F  1000V 1500pF  RMC152J102  CDV19FF152JO3F
 500V 3pF  RMC030J501  CD1OCDO30DO3F  1000V 1800pF  RMC182J102  CDV19FF182JO3F
 500V 3pF  RMC030J501  CD15CDO30DO3F  1000V 2200pF  RMC222J102  CDV19FF222JO3F
 500V 5pF  RMC050J501  CD10CDO50DO3F  1000V 2700pF  RMC272J102  CDV19FF272JO3F
 500V 5pF  RMC050J501  CD15CDO50DO3F  1000V 3300pF  RMC332J102  CDV19FF332JO3F
 500V 7pF  RMC070J501  CD10CDO70DO3F  1000V 3900pF  RMC392J102  CDV19FF392JO3F
 500V 7pF  RMC070J501  CD15CDO70DO3F  1000V 4700pF  RMC472J102  CDV19FF472JO3F
 500V 10pF  RMC100J501  CD10CD100JO3F  1000V 5600pF  RMC562J102  CDV30FF562JO3F
 500V 10pF  RMC100J501  CD15CD100JO3F  1000V 6800pF  RMC682J102  CDV30FF682JO3F
 500V 12pF  RMC120J501  CD10CD120JO3F  1000V 8200pF  RMC822J102  CDV30FF822JO3F
 500V 12pF  RMC120J501  CD15CD120JO3F  1000V 10000pF  RMC103J102  CDV30FF103JO3F
 500V 15pF  RMC150J501  CD10CD150JO3F  1000V 12000pF  RMC123J102  CDV30FF123JO3F
 500V 15pF  RMC150J501  CD15CD150JO3F  1500V 27pF  RMC270J152  CDV30EH270JO3F
 500V 18pF  RMC180J501  CD10CD180JO3F  1500V 33pF  RMC330J152  CDV30EH330JO3F
 500V 18pF  RMC180J501  CD15CD180JO3F  1500V 39pF  RMC390J152  CDV30EH390JO3F
 500V 22pF  RMC220J501  CD10ED220JO3F  1500V 47pF  RMC470J152  CDV30EH470JO3F
 500V 22pF  RMC220J501  CD15ED220JO3F  1500V 56pF  RMC560J152  CDV30EH560JO3F
 500V 27pF  RMC270J501  CD10ED270JO3F  1500V 68pF  RMC680J152  CDV30EH680JO3F
 500V 27pF  RMC270J501  CD15ED270JO3F  1500V 82pF  RMC820J152  CDV30EH820JO3F
 500V 33pF  RMC330J501  CD10ED330JO3F  1500V 100pF  RMC101J152  CDV30FH1O1JO3F
 500V 33pF  RMC330J501  CD15ED330JO3F  1500V 120pF  RMC121J152  CDV30FH121JO3F
 500V 39pF  RMC390J501  CD10ED390JO3F  1500V 150pF  RMC151J152  CDV30FH151JO3F
 500V 39pF  RMC390J501  CD15ED390JO3F  1500V 180pF  RMC181J152  CDV30FH181JO3F
 500V 47pF  RMC470J501  CD10ED470JO3F  1500V 220pF  RMC221J152  CDV30FH221JO3F
 500V 47pF  RMC470J501  CD15ED470JO3F  1500V 270pF  RMC271J152  CDV30FH271JO3F
 500V 56pF  RMC560J501  CD10ED560JO3F  1500V 390pF  RMC391J152  CDV30FH391JO3F
 500V 56pF  RMC560J501  CD15ED560JO3F  1500V 470pF  RMC471J152  CDV30FH471JO3F
 500V 68pF  RMC680J501  CD10ED680JO3F  1500V 560pF  RMC561J152  CDV30FH561JO3F
 500V 68pF  RMC680J501  CD15ED680JO3F  1500V 680pF  RMC681J152  CDV30FH681JO3F
 500V 82pF  RMC820J501  CD10ED820JO3F  1500V 820pF  RMC821J152  CDV30FH821JO3F
 500V 82pF  RMC820J501  CD15ED820JO3F  1500V 1000pF  RMC102J152  CDV30FH102JO3F
 500V 100pF  RMC101J501  CD1OFD1O1JO3F  1500V 1200pF  RMC122J152  CDV30FH122JO3F
 500V 100pF  RMC101J501  CD15FD101JO3F  1500V 1500pF  RMC152J152  CDV30FH152JO3F
 500V 100pF  RMC101J501  CD19FD101JO3F  1500V 1800pF  RMC182J152  CDV30FH182JO3F
 500V 120pF  RMC121J501  CD10FD121JO3F  1500V 2200pF  RMC222J152  CDV30FH222JO3F
 500V 120pF  RMC121J501  CD15FD121JO3F  1500V 2700pF  RMC272J152  CDV30FH272JO3F
 500V 120pF  RMC121J501  CD19FD121JO3F  1500V 3300pF  RMC332J152  CDV30FH332JO3F
 500V 150pF  RMC151J501  CD10FD151JO3F  1500V 3900pF  RMC392J152  CDV30FH392JO3F
 500V 150pF  RMC151J501  CD15FD151JO3F  1500V 4700pF  RMC472J152  CDV30FH472JO3F
 500V 150pF  RMC151J501  CD19FD151JO3F  1500V 5600pF  RMC562J152  CDV30FH562JO3F
 500V 180pF  RMC181J501  CD10FD181JO3F  1500V 6800pF  RMC682J152  CDV30FH682JO3F
 500V 180pF  RMC181J501  CD15FD181JO3F  1500V 8200pF  RMC822J152  CDV30FH822JO3F
 500V 180pF  RMC181J501  CD19FD181JO3F  2000V 27pF  RMC070J202  CDV30EJ270JO3F
 500V 220pF  RMC221J501  CD10FD221JO3F  2000V 33pF  RMC030J202  CDV30EJ330JO3F
 500V 220pF  RMC221J501  CD15FD221JO3F  2000V 39pF  RMC390J202  CDV30EJ390JO3F
 500V 220pF  RMC221J501  CD19FD221JO3F  2000V 47pF  RMC470J202  CDV30EJ470JO3F
 500V 270pF  RMC271J501  CD19FD271JO3F  2000V 68pF  RMC680J202  CDV30EJ680JO3F
 500V 270pF  RMC271J501  D105F271JO3F  2000V 82pF  RMC820J202  CDV30EJ820JO3F
 500V 270pF  RMC271J501  CD15FD271JO3F  2000V 100pF  RMC101J202  CDV30FJ101JO3F
 500V 330pF  RMC331J501  D105F331JO3F  2000V 120pF  RMC121J202  CDV30FJ121JO3F
 500V 330pF  RMC331J501  CD15FD331JO3F  2000V 150pF  RMC151J202  CDV30FJ151JO3F
 500V 330pF  RMC331J501  CD19FD331JO3F  2000V 180pF  RMC181J202  CDV30FJ181JO3F
 500V 390pF  RMC391J501  D105F391JO3F  2000V 220pF  RMC221J202  CDV30FJ221JO3F
 500V 390pF  RMC391J501  CD15FD391JO3F  2000V 270pF  RMC271J202  CDV30FJ271JO3F
 500V 390pF  RMC391J501  CD19FD391JO3F  2000V 330pF  RMC331J202  CDV30FJ331JO3F
 500V 470pF  RMC471J501  D105F471JO3F  2000V 470pF  RMC471J202  CDV30FJ471JO3F
 500V 470pF  RMC471J501  CD15FD471JO3F  2000V 560pF  RMC561J202  CDV30FJ561JO3F
 500V 470pF  RMC471J501  CD19FD471JO3F  2000V 680pF  RMC681J202  CDV30FJ681JO3F
 500V 560pF  RMC561J501  CD19FD561JO3F  2000V 820pF  RMC821J202  CDV30FJ821JO3F
 500V 680pF  RMC681J501  CD19FD681JO3F  2000V 1000pF  RMC102J202  CDV30FJ102JO3F
 500V 820pF  RMC821J501  CD19FD821JO3F  2000V 1200pF  RMC122J202  CDV30FJ122JO3F
 500V 1000pF  RMC102J501  CD19FD102JO3F  2000V 1500pF  RMC152J202  CDV30FJ152JO3F
 500V 1200pF  RMC122J501  CD19FD122JO3F  2000V 1800pF  RMC182J202  CDV30FJ182JO3F
 500V 1500pF  RMC152J501  CD19FD152JO3F  2000V 2700pF  RMC272J202  CDV30FJ272JO3F
 500V 1800pF  RMC182J501  CD19FD182JO3F  2000V 3300pF  RMC332J202  CDV30FJ332JO3F
 500V 2200pF  RMC222J501  CD19FD222JO3F  2000V 3900pF  RMC392J202  CDV30FJ392JO3F
 500V 2200pF  RMC222J501  CD30FD222JO3F  2500V 27pF  RMC270J252  CDV30EK270JO3F
 500V 2700pF  RMC272J501  CD19FD272JO3F  2500V 33pF  RMC330J252  CDV30EK330JO3F
 500V 2700pF  RMC272J501  CD30FD272JO3F  2500V 39pF  RMC390J252  CDV30EK390JO3F
 500V 3300pF  RMC332J501  CD19FD332JO3F  2500V 47pF  RMC470J252  CDV30EK470JO3F
 500V 3300pF  RMC332J501  CD30FD332JO3F  2500V 56pF  RMC560J252  CDV30EK560JO3F
 500V 3900pF  RMC392J501  CD19FD392JO3F  2500V 68pF  RMC680J252  CDV30EK680JO3F
 500V 3900pF  RMC392J501  CD30FD392JO3F  2500V 82pF  RMC820J252  CDV30EK820JO3F
 500V 4700pF  RMC472J501  CD19FD472JO3F  2500V 100pF  RMC101J252  CDV30FK101JO3F
 500V 4700pF  RMC472J501  CD30FD472JO3F  2500V 120pF  RMC121J252  CDV30FK121JO3F
 500V 5600pF  RMC562J501  CD30FD562JO3F  2500V 330pF  RMC331J252  CDV30FK331JO3F
 500V 6800pF  RMC682J501  CD30FD682JO3F  2500V 470pF  RMC471J252  CDV30FK471JO3F
 500V 8200pF  RMC822J501  CD30FD822JO3F  2500V 560pF  RMC561J252  CDV30FK561JO3F
 500V 10000pF  RMC103J501  CD30FD103JO3F  2500V 680pF  RMC681J252  CDV30FK681JO3F
 500V 12000pF  RMC123J501  CD30FD123JO3F  2500V 820pF  RMC821J252  CDV30FK821JO3F
 500V 15000pF  RMC153J501  CD30FD153JO3F  2500V 1000pF  RMC102J252  CDV30FK102JO3F
 500V 18000pF  RMC183J501  CD30FD183JO3F  2500V 1200pF  RMC122J252  CDV30FK122JO3F
 500V 22000pF  RMC223J501  CD30FD223JO3F  2500V 1500pF  RMC152J252  CDV30FK152JO3F
 500V 22000pF  RMC223J501  CD42FD223JO3F  2500V 1800pF  RMC182J252  CDV30FK182JO3F
 500V 33000pF  RMC333J501  CD42FD333JO3F  2500V 2700pF  RMC272J252  CDV30FK272JO3F
 500V 39000pF  RMC392J501  CD42FD393JO3F  -  -  -

Replacement of Exxelia CA152, CA154, CA155, CA156, CA157, CA158, CA172, CA173, CA174, CA175,CMR03,CMR04, CMR05,CM06,CM11.CMR06,CM07,CM12,CMR07.SILVERED MICA CAPACITORS.

■ How To Order
Send us the Part Number, for example, RMC333J501.

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